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PEOP 8.042.tif
Annual staff outing of brewers Starkey, Knight & Ford (to Paignton), with plenty of beer in evidence. Group in and in front of charabanc, with men all wearing hats.

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Associated Equipment Company. A typical "outing" in the early 1920s. Buses and coaches like this were popular just after the first world war when the war department sold chassis for around £100 to £200. Local carpenters and coach-builders built…


TRANS 8.186.tif
Maudslay ML3 was typical of the types which dominated Cornish routes in the 1920s. Guy chassis and Buckingham saloon body.

TRANS 8.190.tif
Hotel run by Abner Grenfell - now St Buryan Inn. Union Flags on Charabanc.


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