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double neg sharing with submarine L 1

Zennor Water Mill washed away 1894 slide.

ZWM 247.tif
Zennor Village Overview

ZWM 154.tif
Zennor Village. The man with the horse is Eddy Trudgeon. He lived at Chy Pons (Bridge House), which was the museum. He had a blacksmiths shop at the end of the row of buildings (Pump Row), at the right of the picture.
Zennor Quoit.
Zennor Quoit.

ZWM 288.tif
Zennor Quoit
Photo by JW Gulch Summer 1858 saved by Rev Borlase at a cost of five shillings

Zennor Quoit is a ruined megalithic burial chamber

ZWM 164.tif
Willie Spry and Postman Bryant, background - Bob Osborne and Johnnie (Jackie ) Osborne with carthorse Doll and jingle cart on right.

Zennor Post Office photocopied sketch

ZWM 117tif.tif
Zennor Post Office People Group
Kate Sowden, Reggie Hyne & his father,
Alfred Hyne (Coastguard) in White Cap


ZWM 167.tif
Zennor Post Office

ZWM 166.tif
Thomas and Catherine Berryman outside the Post office

ZWM 161.tif
Person outside Zennor Post Office

ZWM 303.tif
Zennor Overview to Zennor Carn
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