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JDC 373.tif
North and South piers have been built, tall ships are alongside piers before motors introduced. Houses in the foreground were demolished c 1939 under the Clearance Scheme. Replacement flats built in 1953/54. No houses built on the new road area.…

JDC 372.tif
Cretehill was used for refuelling steam powered, visiting East coast drifters amongst others. It was badly damaged by a German air attack in May 1941. Refloated and towed away in 1949. The vessel behind and moored alongside the Newlyn North Pier is…

JDC 371.tif
Celebration of the laying of the foundation stone of Newlyn Centenary Primitive Methodist Church. Some thatched cottages were demolished to make way for this building (see JDC 358 for the established building).
Cost at the time was £5,047. Still in…

JDC 370.tif
Demolished at the same time as the 'Clearances' (1938-39).
Not sure if is was actually a factory, but more likely to be a term used by the locals.
Rare picture to see in isolation. Can be identified in larger Newlyn Town views.


JDC 369.tif
The Western Green in the foreground is the cleared site of Navy Inn homes demolished in 1939 (similar to JDC 365).
The square block house in the right bottom corner is the public air raid shelter created during WW2.
The large vessel in the harbour…

JDC 368.tif
From time to time, the dredger would visit Newlyn, operating inside the harbour and nearby. Dredged material was tipped into a barge alongside; when full, it was towed well down into Mount's Bay and dumped on shoal ground.
This is a Rare photo!

JDC 367.tif
Man holding the books is the Rev. R.F. Wearmouth. Child being held is young Harvey Dick Richards, later well known local teacher and sportsman (Rugby, etc).

JDC 366.tif
Two Mounts Bay luggers leaving the harbour. The vessels appear to have St Ives registration numbers (SS). The South Pier was built in 1885 and lengthened by about 100 feet in 1914. The Tidal Observatory Hut was added next to the lighthouse in 1915.…

PC 073.tif
A Mother sitting with young Man standing alongside.


Press Cutting: Telegraph, 1935-11-05

JDC 365.tif
In the foreground is the cleared site of the houses of the Navy Inn, demolished in 1939 that inspired the petition to Westminster in October 1937. Well documented. Building of the new Navy Inn flats started around 1953. Many people who previously…

JDC 364.tif
View of girls procession at the corner of a building at Fore Street, at the 'Green' opposite lower Green Street.
Mark on print top left is straight from the negative.
Refer to JDS 359, centre top left to see the building as is.

JDC 363.tif
Most of these buildings were demolished, area is now Newlyn Town car park. Note: Far right, front, out of sight, led to the much pictured 'Primrose Court' - see early postcards., This area closed around 1953-54, much later than the Navy Inn area then…

Anti Vietnam War demonstration London 1968

Written on the front of the print by Serena Wadham:
'Anti Nixon Demo'

JDC 362.tif
One of the Stevenson & Sons 75 foot trawlers on the repair slip. A stone 'coaster' waiting in the bay. Gill nets drying on the railings at the roadside, Fore Street, Newlyn.
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