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Zennor Post Office photocopied sketch

PEOP 8.062.tif
A group of postwomen at Barnet. with their bicycles.

COMM 8.038.tif
Ladies of the Post Office seen here sorting telegrams which had been handed in at various counters, and sending them to the appropriate transmission points.

COMM 8.039.tif
Ladies of the Post Office seen here operating at an early telephone exchange when all calls were connected by hand at every intermediate exchange.

COMM 8.040.tif
Telephone Operators at Manual Switchboard. Date may be later than 1920 - may be late '20s.

PEOP 8.072.tif
Mr W Balkwell, a postman in Merton near Okehampton, standing in front of an ivy-covered stone doorway to the post office, about to start his rounds. He wears a satchel over his shoulder and is holding some post. The sign above the post office door…

Post Office in private house, at Heamoor, Penzance, White Telephone Box. coin operated stamp machine inserted in window panes.
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