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John Passmore Edwards Free Library and Technical School, in Truro, with cyclist and sign for St Mary's Methodist Church.

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A group of postwomen at Barnet. with their bicycles.

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Mr Milton Nicholls, a St Erth carpenter and undertaker, pictured at his carpenter's shop with his father's bicycle. As can be seen, this c. 1900 machine had solid tyres and a brake which engaged with the outside of the front wheel, an extremely…

PEOP 8.059.tif
Four young cyclists in front of an ivy-covered house about to depart for a spin, probably in the 1920s. Note the 'revolving chimes' type of bells carried on two of the cycles; these were the 'in' bicycle accessory of the period.

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BUILD 8.034.tif
The Wheel Inn at Tresillian, photographed in July 1982. The photo shows the thatched roof and wheel, and two bicycles in front of the inn.

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Spectators on foot and on bicycles at the scene of the fire at Cafe Marina in Penzance (Wherrytown) on 14 June 1935.
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