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JDC 358.tif
All members of Newlyn Centenary Primitive Methodist Church at Gwavas Road, Newlyn, TR18 5LX. Taken soon after building of the church in 1927 at a cost of £5,047.
Estimate picture taken in 1929. Built on the site of previous old thatched…

JDC 367.tif
Man holding the books is the Rev. R.F. Wearmouth. Child being held is young Harvey Dick Richards, later well known local teacher and sportsman (Rugby, etc).

JDC 371.tif
Celebration of the laying of the foundation stone of Newlyn Centenary Primitive Methodist Church. Some thatched cottages were demolished to make way for this building (see JDC 358 for the established building).
Cost at the time was £5,047. Still in…
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