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written with the negs by Serena Wadham:
'Pat,Paul,Richard,Michael at Joe Tilson's.'

Two women apparently working on textiles together

Geevor Tin Mine Pendeen Medium format film scan

Children playing at the top of the drive, men leaving work

Miss Ramnie Dadoo, daughter to Ghandi's adopted son. Krishna Menon, Dr Y Dadoo President of the South African Indian Congress.

Written on the back of the print by Serena Wadham:
'L to R, with the text as above

Written on the back by Serena Wadham:
'While supporters of the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child wait to lobby their Members of Parliament, they are leafletted by women & men supporting the liberal abortion laws'

Written on the back by Serena Wadham;
'A>P>S> Classes Junior 3 and 4 and Rabbi WILSCHANSKI reading the weekly portion of the law after Friday morning assembly'

Written on the back by Serena Wadham:'H.G.S. Academic standard is high, 4 places at Cambridge (England) this autumn, 2 of them scholarships'

The plaque reads:
'Mr Israel Kliger has named this room in memory of his relative Mrs Leah Pruschenonski of Lodz who died in concentration camp during the war'
Also written in Hebrew.

Written on the back by Serena Wadham: 'Michael Hinden leads the chanting of grace after dinner'

Written on the back by Serena Wadham:
Class Junior !
At the piano mistress, Miss Mozelle Cohen from India. Standing up, Headmistress, Miss Khon'

Written on the back by Serena Wadham:
Forum......discusses passionately how to field their cricket team. The tall boy seems to see that the small group got a fair hearing.(part of a sequence - see contacts OJ 8/32//OJ8/36//OJ9/10 or…
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