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JDC 450.tif
Penzance registered PZ81 is the local vessel 'Lyonesse', owned by the Pender family (assumed from Mousehole). SS65 is a St Ives registered vessel. Photo is looking down the North Pier at full tide. On the right you can just see the South Pier and the…

JDC 449.tif
Location is one of several stands at the shore end of the North Pier, before they had purpose-built facilities.
This photo shows the W. Robins & Sons stand.

JDC 448.tif
Location is at the base of the North Pier, now the site of the harbour offices.


JDC 447.tif
North Pier built in 1888 extended 1894.


JDC 446.tif
The pier, built down as far as the Custom House, proved to be too narrow and had to be widened in 1895. This view is looking back into the village. Tolcarne Hill is on the far right, near the pole.


JDC 445.tif
Photo shows the Stevenson family re-enacting the landing of the pretender, Perkin Warbeck, which took place at Whitesand Bay near Sennen in September 1497.

Perkin Warbeck was a pretender to the English throne. Warbeck claimed to be Richard of…

JDC 444.tif
Outside Newlyn Harbour, Penzance promenade seen in the background.

JDC 443.tif
Adults and children dressed in historical costumes on a decorated sailing boat with a dragon-head prow. The South Pier lighthouse can be seen in the background.

JDC 442.tif
Appears to be similar to the event shown in JDC 441.
Looks like the North Pier in the background.

JDC 441.tif
Newlyn pageants involved most members of the community from the fish dealers and fishermen, to the artist community and other residents of Newlyn - organised by the Newlyn School artists. The location in the photo looks like the Strand at Newlyn.…

JDC 440.tif
John, a fisherman, looks like he is leaning on an oar or spar of some kind, alongside sea boots drying. In the 1871 census he lived with his wife and 2 children in Newlyn. He died at the age of 69 years in 1904 in Paul, Cornwall.
For more…


JDC 439.tif
The location is referred to as 'Outlong' Newlyn Town near St Andrews Church. Behind her is the foreshore and the back of the South Pier, ie, the light wall you can see. The black wall behind is the North Pier with fishing vessels alongside. The far…


JDC 438.tif
The boys and men are dressed as pirates, some playing cards, with nautical bits and pieces around. Names of them are listed on the back of the photograph in this order: Bry Paul, Arthur Harvey, Frank Rowe, Fred Mathews, Tommy Thomas, Thornton…

JDC 437.tif
The new harbour road was built in 1908. It joined Newlyn Town and Street-an-Nowan, previously only subject to access at low water. The photo shows Newlyn Town before 'The Clearances' and building of Gwavas Estate and the new cliff walls. It is…

JDC 436.tif
The group is sitting outside the Fishermans Rest next to the Red Lion Inn bus stop. To the left is Church Street and to the right is Newlyn Harbour. The view is much the same now; the seat is still there but the building (Fishermans Rest) is now a…

JDC 435.tif
Newlyn School artist posing whilst painting on a large canvas outdoors. Location unknown.

JDC 434.tif
Float commemorates Ernest Shackleton's exploration of the Antarctic in the ship, Nimrod, during the Nimrod Expedition of 1907–1909. Location is Florence Place, Street-an-Nowan, Newlyn. The building behind has a sign over the door, J. Wallis (local…

JDC 433.tif
It has been reported that several of these cannon balls were found in building walls; some say from the time of the Spanish invasions during the Anglo-Spanish War (1585-1604).

JDC 432.tif
PZ 17 identified as the Peel Castle. The vessel is a 'long lines' vessel, hence baskets of lines on the deck. The backdrop is Newlyn Town cliff near the Fishermans Arms Inn. Lyn Terrace is the 2nd top right.

JDC 431.tif
Location not certain; could be on the cliff at Newlyn Town opposite the Red Lion Inn above the harbour. The tide is low as the rocks are visible
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