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Young girl sitting on the arm of a chair with a doll on the seat of the chair

Photograph of a woman and a small boy sitting on rocks

Three girls posing in their school uniform.

Couple standing on a clifftop. the woman holding a bunch of flowers and a walking stick.

Three women sitting on a clifftop feeding seagulls. A man and another person can be seen in the background in the top left of the photograph.

Two women, wearing raincoats, standing in the countryside

The photograph on the left shows a man standing against a large rock, with a young girl sitting on the sand beside him.
The right-hand photograph is of a woman sitting cross-legged on the sand beside the young girl.

The top photograph is a view of the sea taken from fields.
The bottom photo is of a girl with a dog, taken in a garden beside a fruit tree.

The top photograph is of a car BCV 170 in a country lane, with the driver leaning out of his window,
In the bottom photograph a couple are standing among trees - the woman holding a dog in her arms and the man has a bag on his shoulder.

Top photograph shows a girl holding a dog in her arms and the bottom photograph is of the dog sitting.

The top photograph is a girl is a swimsuit standing in front of a large rock on a beach. The bottom photograph is a woman and man in swimwear sitting on the beach

The left hand negative is too overexposed to see anything, but the right hand negative is a photograph of a man and woman sitting on a beach.

The left hand photograph is of a man sitting at the table. The right hand one is of two women standing beside a car. Neither negative is very clear.
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