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Caldwell Harpur Family Album


Caldwell Harpur, (born Elliott Calwell Harpur in Spalford, Nottinghamshire, England on 25 February 1866) kept very detailed diaries from his 14th to 73rd years. He left these to the Penzance (Morrab) Library with the wish that they should be published after his death (which was 27th January 1945).
Also, donated was a large amount of correspondence and a family photo album.
Unfortunately they were deposited in the cellars of the Library and lay forgotten until they were accidentally discovered in 1972.
Some work was done at that time on cataloguing the album. But again the collection was put to one side.
The photo album was then rediscovered in 2018, but the pages were found to be in a very poor condition.
However, it has now been restored and rests safely in the Morrab Library Archive.
All the photos in the album have now been scanned and can be seen here.
Apart from a photograph of his father, Rev George Harpur, they are mostly images of his maternal relatives.
Some are of views, servants and unknown people. A number are alas missing from the album.
Where the identities are known a brief details are given.

View all items in the Caldwell Harpur Family Album Collection