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HARB 8.003.tif
Richards Photograph. The Ross Bridge at Wharf Road was placed in position 1881; it was second-hand railway turntable. The bridge was replaced on 9 Apr 1981. This photo shows a full rigged ship in the harbour, a steam roller and a horse and cart on…

BUILD 8.036.tif
A diesel engine at Swindon railway works. 1980.

BUILD 8.037.tif
Swindon rail works with a man and woman sitting in front of a steam engine.

BUILD 8.038.tif
Men looking at a crankshaft on a 1980 visit to Swindon Works.

BUILD 8.040.tif
A general view of the interior of Swindon Works.

BUILD 8.041.tif
Long Rock (Penzance) railway sheds from the A30 trunk road (London to Land's End) which runs nearby. Photo by Trevor Tremethick, 9 September 1974.
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