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ARTS 9.006.tif
Photo of engraving titled 'Landing the cable at Porthcurnew [sic] Bay'.

From Illustrated London News 25/6/1870

ARTS 9.005.tif
Photo of engraving titled 'Laying the Submarine Telegraph between Malta and Gibraltar, off the Isle of Pantellaria'.

From Illustrated London News 11/8/1870

COMM 8.009.tif
Cable & Wireless telegraph form.

ARTS 9.007.tif
Photo of engraving of The Falmouth, Gibraltar, and Mediterranean Telegraph titled 'The Cliffs at Porthcurnew Bay, Cornwall'.

From Illustrated London News 25/6/1870. See PREVREF 1786 & 1743

COMM 9.001.tif
General view of one of the many engineering training departments showing telegraph relay equipment for student training at the Cable & Wireless Engineering College in Porthcurno.

COMM 6.004.tif
Cable & Wireless telegraph form

ARTS 8.014.tif
Telegraph Office, Telegraph Street, London, EC1. The Metropolitan Gallery, 1871.

Typical Post Office telegraph office of the late 19th century. This is the Metropolitan Gallery at Telegraph Street, London EC1. Some of the positions have Morse…
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