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COMM 6.009.tif
Richard Angove pictured at Porthcurno cable station (Cable & Wireless). This is a view of the cable chain control console. Teleprinters (Creed 75s), tape-readers and Creed Autos for monitoring purposes are centrally situated. Cable relay equipment is…

COMM 6.010.tif
Porthcurno cable station (Cable & Wireless). View of cable chain relay equipment with commutation panels and test equipment. In the foreground, one 'wing' of the control console can be seen (bottom right) with FMVM panels in the centre rear. This…

COMM 6.011.tif
This dish is 90-feet across and is 'locked' onto a satellite 23,000 miles over the Atlantic Ocean. The surface of the dish is polished aluminium. The faint signals are reflected onto the centre of the tripod can be seen built onto the dish.


COMM 8.035.tif
Women workers in telephone exchange (Holborn Manual Exchange)

COMM 8.037.tif
Telephone operator at switchboard c. 1900.
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