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COMM 6.004.tif
Cable & Wireless telegraph form

COMM 6.003.tif
A general view of the main cable relay equipment room at Porthcurno Cable Station, looking west and showing the control consul, monitoring teleprinters, etc. in the foreground.

COMM 8.004.tif
An operator servicing the equipment at Cable & Wireless.

COMM 8.001.tif
Ladies operating a single-current Morse key. Note the 'sounder' backed by a reflecting device to localise the sound. In front of the key can be seen instruments for adjusting the signals and a galvanometer which indicates the presence or otherwise of…

COMM 6.001.tif

View from Porthcurno of Marconi Signal Station at Poldhu Transmitter on the Lizard Peninsula, from where Eastern Telegraph Co conducted industrial espionage.

General view of Poldhu Wireless Station. These 300-foot timber…
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