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SHIP 4.019.tif
Liverpool pilot boat joins Mauritania on return journey from Bombay.


HARB 8.023.tif
Boats in the harbour at Barbican, Plymouth.

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HARB 8.020.tif
Charlestown Harbour with ships and clay chute.

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HARB 8.018.tif
The Pentewan Railway. The harbour terminus pictured at the turn of the 20th century. Note on the extreme right the china clay loading chutes which were lowered into the holds of the waiting ships. horse-drawn wagon fro the 'dries' north and west of…

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HARB 8.013.tif
Newlyn Harbour's South Pier with stone boat and conveyor loader.

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HARB 4.002.tif
The coaster 'Audacity' being taken out through the open Ross Bridge in Penzance.

HARB 4.001.tif
The coaster 'Audacity' is taken out through the open Ross Bridge in Penzance. Note the sightseers on the approach road.

HARB 8.005.tif
Ships in Penzance floating dock.

HARB 8.004.tif
Mousehole Harbour and Quay. Two copies.

HARB 8.003.tif
Richards Photograph. The Ross Bridge at Wharf Road was placed in position 1881; it was second-hand railway turntable. The bridge was replaced on 9 Apr 1981. This photo shows a full rigged ship in the harbour, a steam roller and a horse and cart on…
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