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Opening ceremony of the floating dock at Penzance harbour. Hundreds of people, wearing their best costume gather in crowds to see the spectacle. The paddle steamer is the Queen of the Bay. Penants and flags are on display as part of the celebrations.

A note on this lantern slide reads "Tenman's Hole built over". The Dolphin Tavern can be seen in the background, and amongst the rides are Dooner's American High Flyers and H Smith's High Flyers.

HARB 8.016.tif
Penzance floating dock pictures in March 1891, after the collapse of the newly-installed gates during the great blizzard of that year. The harbour was built in 1884. St Mary's Church can be seen in the background.

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Tug Harbor at Exeter Maritime Museum. St Canute A2064C Sunny South PW195 Sotero

BUILD 8.077B.tif
St Canute in Tug Harbour at Exeter Maritime Museum.

BUILD 8.077C.tif
Sotero in Tug Harbour at Exeter Maritime Museum.

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Boats in harbour at Exeter Maritime Museum.

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Small fishing boats in the harbour at Plymouth, with young boy fishing off pier.

A wide view from the quay of Penzance.
the image is very clear and many of the wharf Road buildings are distinguishable. the Abbey slip is visible and in the foreground are the Harbour gates. there is a large ship the Lucien, Penzance in docked


HARB 8.022.tif
General view of Falmouth Docks looking down from Marine Drive. "King Alfred" in the Queen Elizabeth dock with a backdrop of tug St Merryn nudging bulk carrier "Captain Carras" into position for docking.

Fishing nets opposite the salt store on the wharf now Mousehole harbour car park (O N 5).

Aerial view over the harbour from Lescudjack across to St Marys church farm gate in the foreground with mother and two children.

Penzance Harbour, showing the beginning of first infilling on the left.


Fishing boats in Penzance harbour. Identifiable are PZ 550 and PZ 254

Newquay Harbour showing tunnel to harbour

Ships "Emma", from Bridgwater & "Hetty" in Newquay Harbour (P L 205).

Newquay Harbour. The right-hand ships are "Emma" & "Hetty" (P L 206).

Harbour P L 280.

The vessel on the right is "Emma" of Bridgwater. The ship in the centre is "Hetty" built by Cornish shipwright John Stephens of Devoran in 1878. She was decommissioned in 1938. P L 281.

Cropped version of M.804
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