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CON 4.001.tif
Belt-driven stone crusher with traction engine, with man working and small child in the foreground.

FARM 6.001.tif
A Great Fowler blowing engine.

FARM 6.002.tif
The plough pulled by two steam traction engines positioned at opposite ends of the field. Four men pictured.

FARM 9.001.tif
Traction engine and drive belt with haystacks.

FARM 9.002.tif
Three men (P Hosking, W Chapple and H Burrows) threshing
by steam engine at Roskestal. Croust time..

Machine owned by J&A Hosking St Buryan. See PREVREF 2065/6

BUILD 6.014.tif
Nine staples support this farm building on the roadside at Tredrossel near Portwrinkle. This building is approximately 20' x 12'.

FARM 8.022.tif
A horse-hauled clod crusher used for cultivation (used from about 1900), A typical country scene in Cornwall.

FARM 8.023.tif
Typical late-afternoon scene in almost any Cornish scene in the 1920s or '30s. The machine is a cultivator, known all over Cornwall as a 'scuffler'. The height of the tines is adjustable through the handle on the driver's right.

FARM 8.024.tif
Typical horse-ploughing scene.

PREVREF 2161 duplicate

FARM 8.025.tif
1920s Albion binding reaper scene recreated in 1970. Sovereign, Baron and Prince wait with their 1920s Albion binding reaper while 'croust' is served by Diana Flowers.

FARM 8.026.tif
1970 recreation of a 1920s scene. Typical horse-drawn binding reaper. The bound sheaves were collected and up-ended to dry out in 'shooks' of about a dozen sheaves. Part of a row can be seen on the right of the photograph. One sheaf has just been…

ARTS 6.012.tif
From a drawing by Thomas Rowlandson (175601827), showing oxen with their wagon waiting to be loaded, people sitting near hayricks and trees and hills in the background. PREVREF 2190 duplicate

FARM 8.027.tif
Taken at Stetten on the Swiss-German border. Not a superb photograph but it may be useful. The land here is in narrow strips as when the owner dies his land is divided among his children. A daughter with land is much sought-after as a…

FARM 9.003.tif
Oxen at work. Turn of the century (1900) harvest scene. Date and location unknown. Photo purchased at auction in a collection of rural subjects in 1934.

FARM 8.029.tif
Bullock plough at work. Date and location unknown. Photo purchased at auction in a collection of rural subjects in 1934.

FARM 9.004.tif
Team of oxen working on Bodrugan Farm at Portmellon near Mevagissey, with the beach in the background.

Bodrugan Farm PREVREF 2199 duplicate

FARM 8.031.tif
Friesian cows in front of hayrick or silage with tyres on top.
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