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ENT 8.019.tif
Switchback Noah's Ark, with spectators.

ENT 4.060.tif
Stithians 100th Show, animals and fair. Photo of a photo.

ENT 6.020.tif
Three men sitting on the edge of a roundabout, with 'The Magnificent Marenghi' truck in the background.

ENT 4.042.tif
Penzance Spring Fair (May 1977), showing the Castle of Fun ("Laughs galore inside!")

CUST 8.001.tif
c1900 photograph of the fair which was built up in Newlyn Coombe at Paul Feast.

CUST 8.003.tif
A close-up photograph of the blue 'Obby 'Oss and teazer at Padstow's 'Obby 'Oss dance, in 1982.
(two copies of this photo)

CUST 8.002.tif
Padstow 'Obby 'Oss street parade in the spring of 1983.

ENT 6.003.tif
A 1911 ninety-eight key Marenghi Military Band Organ with the inscription, 'Playing the Melodies of Masters'.

(Refer to ENT 8.001 and ENT 10.001)

ENT 4.002.tif
Carnival rides: Helter Skelter, Crazy Cakewalk and Flying Circus.

ENT 8.017.tif
Joe Rowland's roundabout of elephants at Helston Fair in 1977.

ENT 6.002.tif
A fairground organ manufactured by Gavioli et Cie, Paris.

CUST 8.004.tif
Furry Dance. The fashionable midday dance on Flora Day. Helton, 1982.

ENT 4.014.tif
Fairground roundabout and Helter Skelter in Penzance in 1975.

ENT 4.049.tif
Fair organ at St Buryan Rally

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ENT 4.047.tif
Penzance's Corpus Christi Fair in 1923, showing at least 10 engines belonging to Hancock, Jones and Anderson & Rowland.

Corpus Christi Fair on the recreation ground, Penzance.
Anderton & Rowland Traction engines


ENT 4.003.tif
Captain Rowland's Bioscope and Organ. Performing Lions and Moving Pictures!

ENT 4.004.tif
Birchall's steam-driven grand riding school roundabout. Copied from a postcard dated Portscatho 15 Octob er 1905 and addressed to Mr J Cooke (?), SG Ombra (?), Marvin's Yard, Cowes, Isle of Wight:

"Dear Uncle Jack,
How would you like this outside…
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