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BUILD 8.048.tif
Truro Cathedral pictured in 1909 with scaffolding still encasing the western towers. The structure now completed, the towers were dedicated the next year (1910) and were named after King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

BUILD 8.047.tif
View of the west front of Truro Cathedral, the last part of the structure to be built. They were named after King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra and were dedicated in 1910.

BUILD 8.045.tif
Picture taken of Truro Cathedral about 1930 showing the dramatic impact of the impressive building towering above some of the town's older buildings and nearby river. Many of the surrounding buildings have now been replaced by modern commercial…

BUILD 8.035.tif
St Levan Church. Situated in a secluded dell about four miles from Land's End. The graves of the crew of the Khyber (1905) is directly under the tower, in the shadowed corner. The photo shows a woman walking on the path in front of the church.


BUILD 6.008.tif
Pen and ink drawing of the grave of a cabin boy of the ship 'Iota' (1893) in Tintagel Churchyard. Drawing done by Clive Carter in 1983.

Old Sepia print Of unknown Cornish Church by Preston.


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