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BUILD 6.013.tif
St Austell Parish Church

BUILD 8.056.tif
Entrance to Cable and Wireless Exiles Club with 'C S Refresher' lifebuoy

BUILD 8.057.tif
Cable and Wireless Engineering College at Porthcurno

ARTS 8.021.tif
A photograph of a drawing of a large house, possibly Gopsall Hall in Leicestershire.

BUILD 6.014.tif
Nine staples support this farm building on the roadside at Tredrossel near Portwrinkle. This building is approximately 20' x 12'.

BUILD 6.015.tif
Lloyd's Bank and the Humphry Davy statue in Penzance, pictured during Christmas 1978.

BUILD 6.016.tif
The very remote and secluded St Levan Church which is little-known outside the parish. Here is the south face. Selevan's cross can be seen adjoining the path near the south door. Just behind it at the edge of the photograph can be seen 'Selevan's…

BUILD 6.017.tif
The interior of St Levan Church, facing the altar

STREET 9.009.tif
The Bank, St Mary's, Scilly Isles.

SEE FISH 9.001
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