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The Victoria bandstand in the Morrab Gardens, surrounded by Dracaena trees. Concerts were held in this bandstand every Sunday afternoon and evening in the summer. These trees are found all over West Cornwall and thrive in the mild sea breezes.

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Spectators on foot and on bicycles at the scene of the fire at Cafe Marina in Penzance (Wherrytown) on 14 June 1935.

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One of two surviving relics in Britain of an architectural "frolic" inspired by Napoleon's Near East Campaign. Built in 1830, it was restored by the National Trust 1973 at a cost of £18,000.

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Richards Photograph. Only House remaining since Spanish Raid.

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Smiths Dock Trust Co, T Hobson & Co, Mitchell Bros, The Lowestoft Fish Selling Co and Great Western Railway, in Newlyn

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The historic Huer's Hut in Newquay, pictured in the 1930s with two women. This is one of the few well-preserved relics of the bygone age of seining. The hut was built on clifftop and used by fishermen to spot shoals of fish such as pilchards and…

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Possibly a touched up photograph or a photograph of a drawing showing the typical 'open heart' of a Cornish kitchen in the 19th century.

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Polgigga Smithy in the 1930s. Now completely changed & converted to a domestic garage.

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Whistle Cottage, St Levan. Properly named Mount Whistle, situated near St Buryan Bottoms but in the parish of St Levan and on the periphery of the farm holding of Trengothal (St Aubyn Estates, Ltd). Photo taken in 1960. There has since been an…
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