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A well known historical Pub known as The Old Albion

Overview, location unknown, but would have been along the River Gannel.
With hand written message in ink to the reverse of the postcard to a recipient in Perranporth

The Huers (watchers) Hut, which was an observation post for the watcher to spot the Pilchard schoals close to shore during the hey day of the Pilchard fishing industry in Cornwall

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Newquay lifeboat being hauled on Lifeboat Day.

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Newlyn Harbour with railway sidings and ships.

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The historic Huer's Hut in Newquay, pictured in the 1930s with two women. This is one of the few well-preserved relics of the bygone age of seining. The hut was built on clifftop and used by fishermen to spot shoals of fish such as pilchards and…

The vessel on the right is "Emma" of Bridgwater. The ship in the centre is "Hetty" built by Cornish shipwright John Stephens of Devoran in 1878. She was decommissioned in 1938. P L 281.

Cropped version of M.804

Harbour P L 280.
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